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Coffee: Our espresso and coffee is meticulously brewed with one of the nations best roasters, PT's Coffee out of KC, MO. Whether you are served drip, cold brew or espresso drinks, you will be wowed by the variety of notes and profiles that emerge from all of our drinks. Come see our selection of PT's whole bean coffee that we offer for your home brewing needs. If you are wanting to up your coffee brewing game at home, then we can not only sell you the best equipment available at competitive prices, but also help you to better understand the process of making delicious coffee. 

Deli: We pride ourselves in delivering the very best deli and vegetarian sandwiches in OKC. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with a diverse menu of sandwiches, toast, fruit smoothies, snacks and more. We get our meats exclusively from Boar's Head, one of the world's most heralded curators of delicatessen meats. With whole muscle cuts and no preservatives, Boar's Head deli meat not only tastes great, but is also healthy for you. The fresh veggies, sauces, cheeses, and love that we put into our sandwiches are a party just waiting to happen in your mouth. We take deli sandwiches seriously and you can taste it. 

Desserts: We bake our pastries and desserts in house. There's nothing better than pairing a great cup of coffee with house made pastries and desserts.







We are happily located in the Plaza District at 1755 NW 16th, Oklahoma City, OK 73106


SAT 8:00A-7:30P / SUN 12-6P


Call Us: 405-633-1775

Email: info@districthouseokc.com

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